I cannot thank Mr. Newar enough for all he did for me.

I am a middle aged female who worked for a large oil company as an Accounts Payable Supervisor.  I became ill and was out on FMLA leave.  While I was on FMLA leave, the company delivered a letter to my home stating that I had been terminated but gave no reason why.

Upon receiving the letter, I was devastated, embarrassed, lost my self-esteem, became very depressed and it almost destroyed my marriage due to the mental condition of being terminated without cause I became very different person.

I was only familiar with a few labor laws, had never had to hire an attorney but felt I was unjustly terminated. Therefore, I knew I needed an attorney to find out if there was anything I could do.  I didn’t know where to go or to call except to consult with the company’s union attorney.  He advised me he could not take my case due to a conflict of interest due to me not being in the union and stated since I did not have an employee contract with the company my case was little to none.  However, he highly recommended me to attorney Scott Newar.

I called Mr. Newar and explained my situation to him. Mr. Newar was very honest and upfront with me from the beginning. Due to his truthfulness, professional manner, knowledge of labor laws and being upfront with me, I chose to hire Mr. Newar to represent me.

Mr. Newar proved the company did unjustly terminate me and won the case against the company.

Today, I have my self-esteem back and can proudly look at any of the company’s employees with dignity when I see them from time to time at a grocery store, movie theater, club, etc.  I cannot thank Mr. Newar enough for all he did for me.

Former oil company Accounts Payable Supervisor